Music from the Heart - Jacques Harosh

Music from the Heart - Jacques Harosh
Produced by Neil Seidel
Digital Remastering - Dick Winograde

Dedicated to the memory of Yacov (Jacques) Harosh O.B.M. 1946-1999

Jacques Harosh, Vocals
Neil Seidel, Guitar,
Oud Mike Asher, Piano/DX7 Keyboard
Terry Harrington, Flute, Oboe, Recorder
Chuck Flores, Drums
Harvey Newmark, Upright Bass

Please click on a link to hear a song.

  1. Eftah Pi
  2. Aromimkha Hael
  3. Adon Olam 
  4. Od Yishamaa
  1. Tsamaa Nafshi
  2. Ashorer Shirah
  3. Lekha Dodi
  4. Cham-Libb
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