Fakebook Memories by Neil Seidel
  Fakebook Memories by Neil Seidel

Fakebook Memories

A fun, nostalgic trip to the 1920s the 1940s.
Traditional jazz with vocals and acoustic guitar, uke and rhythm section.


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  1. After You've Gone 5:18
  2. Some of These Days 4:01
  3. Ain't She Sweet 3:13
  4. Bye Bye Blues 4:15
  5. Darktown Strutters Ball 3:32
  6. Five Foot Two (Has Anybody Seen My Gal) 4:02
  7. Miami Beach Rhumba 4:19
  1. Muscat Ramble 2:27
  2. My Blue Heaven 4:40
  3. Sit Right Down and Write My Self a Letter 4:28
  4. Slow Boat to China 5:14
  5. ST. Louis Blues 4:21
  6. Toot Toot Tootsie 3:46
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The so called “Fakebook” is a shorthand version of sheet music used by musicians to have a large collection of popular songs available for use on “gigs”

The format is 3 songs per page with just the melody, lyrics and basic chords names. The Fakebook #1 cover songs from 1900’s through the end of the 1940’s and contains about 1000 songs. The Fakebook got it’s name due to the fact that it was illegally published as royalties to the writers and publishers of the songs contained in it were not paid. This was a book printed by musicians for musicians who generally couldn’t afford to buy each individual song sheet.

My guitar career began at age 7 where I received 2nd hand lessons from my brother who was given guitar lessons and expected to teach me what he learned. By 10 years old it was obvious that I had the natural musical talent and my father arranged private lessons for me at a store front music shop in Bayside, NY.

Mike Widmer was a banjo-guitar teacher who introduced me to the Fakebook. My weekly lesson was simply to learn one page of the Fakebook (3 songs) reading the melody, transposing an octave higher and playing the chords in a rhythmic style. At our lesson, I would alternate these tasks with Mike playing the opposite parts.

This simple but practical lesson plan served me well throughout my musical career. Knowing the “old standards” as they are sometimes referred to, allowed me to work with older experienced musicians to whom I owe much in the on going pursuit of musical knowledge.

Fakebook Memories explores several of these tunes and it is my hope that they will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

All the parts were played by me using uke, banjo ,snare drum and a variety of guitars. Trombone, piano, harmonica, and bass were generated with synthesizer guitar.

Neil Seidel
Palm Springs, California
February 2015

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